Apollo 1

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The Apollo 1 Crew

Gus Grissom - Spacecraft Films-produced tribute to Apollo 1's Command Pilot. Features footage from Liberty Bell 7, Gemini 3 and Apollo 1. Includes rare footage of Gus getting his astronaut's wings and more.
Ed White - Spacecraft Films-produced tribute to Apollo 1's Senior Pilot. With rare footage of White at a Brooks Air Force Base appearance, material from his Gemini 4 flight, and rare footage of the receipt of his astronaut's wings.
Roger Chaffee - Spacecraft Films-produced tribute to Apollo 1's Pilot. Footage includes mission training and survival training.
The First Apollo
Visit to North American - Footage from a prime crew visit to North American Aviation to check out their spacecraft. Audio from press conference announcing Apollo 1 crew. (25:15)
Visit to Marshall Space Flight Center - Footage from a prime crew visit to Marshall. Audio continues from press conference announcing crew. (12:11)
Altitude Chamber - Footage from altitude chamber runs with the Apollo 1 spacecraft, including footage of suitup. Audio from Apollo 1 simulation run and commentary by Spacecraft Films' producer Mark Gray.
Simulator - Footage from press day with the crew inside the command module simulator. Audio from debriefing at end of an Apollo 1 simulation. (13:32)
Press Day - At pad 34, photo opportunity for the press with the crew with the pad 34 structures in the background. Audio commentary by Mark Gray. (6:00)
Emergency Egress - Walkthrough of emergency egress procedures. Audio clip from Gus Grissom talking about flight. (1:05)
The Accident - Spacecraft Films-produced timeline of the events during the accident, including comm from 30 minutes prior to the accident leading up to the accident.
Review Board
Post Fire Inspection - Press pool footage of the spacecraft still on pad 34 after the fire. Exterior, interior and areas immediately surrounding the spacecraft. Audio from an initial meeting of the Apollo Review Board. (5:30)
CM Removal - Preparation and removal of the command module from pad 34, transportation to the pyrotechnic installation building at KSC. Includes footage of the removal of the launch escape tower. Audio commentary by Stephen Clemmons, member of the NAA spacecraft crew on Pad 34 during the fire. (28:50)
SM Removal - Preparation and removal of the service module from pad 34 and transportation to the operations and checkout building at KSC. Audio from Joe Shea's comments to team a few days after fire. (12:12)
CM Disassembly - Footage of the disassembly of the spacecraft. Includes a look at various internal pieces removed while the CM was still on the pad (couches, etc.). Audio from ARB testimony of Jim Gleaves, on level 8, Pad 34 during fire. (38:54)
Block 1 Configuration - A look at the configuration of the Apollo spacecraft inside and out, from footage taken inside and outside of a spacecraft mockup and spacecraft 014. Audio from Borman team's inspection of spacecraft 1/29/67. (8:26)
Investigation - Sampling of footage showing some of the activities of the Apollo review board in searching for the cause of the accident. Audio from Borman team's inspection, continued.
Andrews Air Force Base - Grissom and Chaffee arrive at Andrews prior to their burial at Arlington National Cemetery. Inlcudes VOA transmission on astronaut's funeral arrangements (6:11)
Grissom Funeral - January 31, 1967 Arlington National Cemetery.
Chaffee Funeral - January 31, 1967 Arlington National Cemetery.
White Funeral - January 31, 1967 West Point Cemetery.
Bonus Materials
Gus Gets His Wings - Gus Grissom and Alan Shepard are awarded their astronaut wings. (B&W) (4:41)
Ed White At Brooks - Ed White's speech at Brooks Air Force base after his Gemini 4 flight, standing at the podium where JFK gave his last address. (22:30)
Photographs - Over 350 photographs surrounding the mission of Apollo 1, as compiled by J.L. Pickering, plus over 100 photos from the Apollo Review Board materials documenting the spacecraft and level 8 at pad 34.
Images and footage courtesy NASA and the National Archives. Film to tape transfers by Bono Film and Video, Arlington, VA.

Product Reviews

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mark sheppard (Charlotte, NC) 3/19/2016 1:36 PM
Received this dvd yesterday and I watched all 5 hours at once. All I can say is WOW, this is an complete review of the terrible tragedy of the Apollo one fire. I have read extensively about this program but to see and hear the words of those who lived it was absolutely thrilling!!!! I took the advise and watched from start to finish and if you make the smart decision to purchase this you should do the same. It is very hard to watch the timer on the accident video, as you realize that when it hits 2 minutes, the poor souls on board are in their last 2 minutes of their time on this planet. It is quite chilling yet an important part of our journey to the moon and one that should NEVER be forgotten!!! This won't be the last DVD I purchase here! I couldn't be any happier, it has filled in the questions I had and given me a great insight to those terrible days at NASA. Very well preserved and an amazing video. Thank you for an awesome product.
Apollo 1 DVD Review
Tom Austin (Toronto, ON) 11/29/2015 5:22 PM
I bought this DVD not really expecting much. Boy was I wrong !. For years I've heard the block 1 Apollo CSM was a mess, but listening to the recorded transmissions just before the fire told me how much of a mess block 1 truly was. I was fascinated by the investigation, and this DVD really shows you how much effort went into saving the crew. If only NAA had put as much effort into making the capsule. If you want to learn about Apollo 1 get this DVD ! Spacecraft Films has done what nobody else has. They created a masterpiece out of a tragedy that didn't have to happen.
Apollo 1
Charles (USA) 10/16/2011 8:47 PM
I recieved this just this past week, and I watched the entire dvd without stopping!!! A fitting tribute to these three brave men who gave the ulitmate sacrifice for the country and for the conquest of space. I was amazed at some of the material that I had never seen. The most emotional was the complete audio leading up to fire, and the funerals. I was too young to remember this incident, so this was a huge plus for me to see this part of our history. As horrible as the tragedy was, it re-invented NASA and without it who knows how history would have played out. A must have for anyone who is a space history buff.
Appollo 1
Jeff L. (North Dakota) 8/15/2011 3:44 PM
I grew up just south of Grissom AFB, in Kokomo Indiana. "Gus" Grisson was a fixture in my mind from the time I was a little boy. I had heard of his accident and had always wanted to learn more about him. My sister works for Purdue University and actually lives near the old airport where Gus, and Neil, and others flew and/or learned to fly. The old stone maintenance shed is still there. He was a hard nosed, no bones about it, flyer. And I loved every minute of Apollo 1, and fully plan on getting the rest of his mission sets. Thanks Spacecraft Films for your work in keeping his, and the others', memory alive. A good DVD to have!
A fitting tribute
David (United Kingdom) 2/26/2011 1:01 PM
This is the third DVD that I own made by Spacecraft Films. It is one of the most heartfelt and fitting tributes for the tragic Apollo 1 crew. You will not get more information on the preperation, training and the actual accident. The accident itself is presented admirably in which you can choose to listen to the uncut version or a cut version. If you listen to the uncut version it will probably be the first time you will hear the terrifying transmissions of Grissiom, White and Chaffee declaring a fire in the cockpit. A countdown is also included to indicate the start of the first mention of fire so you can be ready for it. I have to say that after listening to it once, I will not like to listen to it again. It lasts barely 17 seconds but you can hear the fear in their voices. Your witnessing their final moments. On Spacecraft Films' Apollo 13 DVD, Sy Liebergot is commentating on a Mission Control film. He mentions someone who was on duty during Apollo 1 and never got the crew screams out of his head afterwards. After listening to it myself, I can understand why. However it is good that it is included in this DVD. As it says on the information pamphlet included, it is part of history and part of the Apollo 1 story. Many who purchase this DVD may be inclined to jump straight to the Accident. Don't! Start with the crew biographies and work your way through the DVD. Everything on this DVD is valuable. The funeral scenes are truly sad and heartfelt. Apollo 1 is a tragic piece of NASA history. The DVD starts with some quotes from Grissiom himself. "If we die, we want people to accept it". Unfortunately, he did. But it paved the way for the future success of the Apollo Program. No one should forget the contributions made by Grissom, White and Chaffee.