Apollo 13: The Real Story

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APOLLO 13: The Real Story- Original documentary constructed from the television, film and audio record detailing the Apollo 13 mission, what was planned and how it unfolded. Provides an overview to the detailed material in the set.

Geology Training - Lovell and Haise undergoing Lunar EVA geology training in Hawaii.

EVA Training - Lovell and Haise training for their Lunar EVA. Audio description of the planned lunar surface activities.

Crew Training - Simulator work, LLTV work with Jim Lovell, T-38s with Lovell and Haise.

Equipment Checkout - Checkout with the prime crew of the EVA equipment and the LM (flight articles). Includes LM leg deployment checks.

Saturn V Erection - Stacking of the launch vehicle in the VAB. Audio is commentary by Dave Mohr, propulsion engineer with D&E Propulsion discussing the S-II engine out anomoly on the Apollo 13 flight. Dave has worked extensively in design of rocket engines and turbine powerplants.

Rollout - Transfer of the launch vehicle from the VAB to Pad 39A.

Launch Day - Features coverage of the traditional pre-launch breakfast, suitup, walk to the transfer van.

Launch - Multi-angle coverage of the launch of Apollo 13, April 11, 1970. Audio from public affairs officer, air to ground, and flight director loop. Flight director loop and air to ground audio continues to orbit.

Television Transmission #1 - A short time after launch, while the spacecraft was still in Earth orbit, the crew made their first television broadcast, showing views of the Earth from orbit.

Television Transmission #2 - Transposition and Docking - Features TV transmission and 16mm data acquisition camera coverage of the transposition and docking maneuver.


Television Transmission #3 - Features TV Transmission from inside the command module on the way to the moon.

Television Transmission #4 - Features TV transmission just before the accident.

Mission Control - Coverage from mission control from just before and just after the accident. Shows mission control as the wives arrive for the television transmission, mission control during the television broadcast, and immediately after the accident. Audio is commentary from Sy Liebergot, lead EECOM for the Apollo 13 mission.

Midnight Press Conference - April 13/14 press conference with Chris Kraft, Jim McDivitt, and Sigurd Sjoberg outlining what was currently known about the mission and return.

Mission Control - Coverage from mission control from during the flight home. Audio is commentary from Sy Liebergot, lead EECOM for the Apollo 13 mission.

April 15 Press Conference - Gene Kranz, Tony England, Richard Thorson and Bill Peters cover the mostrecent mission events, including preparation for the burn as Apollo 13 came around the moon, progress on the design of the lithium hydroxide canister solution, and questions from the press.

April 16 Press Conference - Deke Slayton answers questions about plans for the Apollo 13 entry and recovery, and the current status of the spacecraft and the crew.

Entry at Mission Control - Extensive April 17 coverage from inside Mission Control, beginning at 140:20GET through entry. Audio is commentary from Sy Liebergot, lead EECOM.

Aboard Apollo 13 - 16mm data acquisition footage from inside Odyssey and Aquarius.

Mission Timeline - Extensive timeline of mission events and the timeline of the accident and voyage home.


Service Module Separation - 16mm data aquisition and 70mm still images of the service module after separation showing damage to the spacecraft. Audio air to ground.

Recovery - Operations from entry through the astronauts on the carrier deck, including MOCR footage.

Medal Presentation - Presentation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the Apollo 13 astronauts at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on April 18, 1970.

World Reaction - Footage from around the world showing the reaction to the Apollo 13 mission.

Post Flight Press Conference - April 21, 1970

Review Board Press Conference - Initial press conference concerning the setup of the Apollo 13 review board.

Review Board Findings - Extensive detail of the findings of the review board and their recommendation for changes for continued flight, including film shot during oxygen tank testing to re-create the accident.

Retrospective - 1995 JSC symposium from flight controllers from Apollo 13 for the 25th anniversary of the mission.

Houston, We've Got A Problem - NASA produced film documenting the flight of Apollo 13.

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Amazing, Simply Amazing
OrangeCrush (Unknown) 7/1/2008 1:14 PM
What can one really even say about this set. It is hands down the single best Apollo 13 related release to hit the shelves but then again every set these guys produce is easily the best set for that particular mission ever released. Its just more of the same here. The bottom line is nobody else even comes close to the quantity or quality of material Spacecraft Films releases. If your a fan of the US space program then SC Films is about to become your best fiend! Buy it, buy them all. You wont be disappointed.
Anonymous (Unknown) 11/22/2007 9:37 AM
Thanks for yet another great DVD set. The documentary on this set alone taught me things I didn't know and grabbed me as much if not more than Ron Howards "Apollo 13" film, which says a lot for Spacecraft Films and its ability to tell the story using real footage. I highly recommend this set!
Another top release!
Anonymous (Unknown) 9/23/2007 3:48 AM
What can I say - awesome! Included is a kick butt documentary on Apollo 13, one of the best around! Coupled with the (usual) massive amount of footage from the mission and a huge amount of commentary from many of the people who were there makes this the most comprehensive collection of film and audio available on the subject. If you are interested in the subject - then look no further! Spacecraft films - You rule! Thank you!