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REGION FREE BLURAY - This Blu-ray exclusive special edition features the "Live From The Moon: The Story of Apollo Television" program, in widescreen format, as well as extended bonus features only available from this Spacecraft Films exclusive. Featuring extended interview material not contained in the show from Alan Bean.

Note that this product is also available in standard defintion as a 2-DVD set.

Alan Bean - Describes what happened to the Apollo 12 television camera using the actual checklist he used on the lunar surface.

Chris Kraft - Director of Operations for Apollo, Kraft was a strong advocate for television on the moon.
Tom Stafford - As Apollo 10 Commander, Stafford pushed hard for color television - to show the world how beautiful it was in space...
Dr. Joe Allen - As CAPCOM on Apollo 15, Allen worked closely with the first mobile TV on the lunar surface.
Jack King - The voice of Apollo/Saturn launch control, King brings unique insights to the telecasts of Saturn launches.
Stan Lebar - Led the team at Westinghouse that developed the camera that brought Armstrong's first steps to the world.
John Lowry - His little company, "Image Transform," cleaned up the television on Apollo 16 and 17 in real time.
Parkes Observatory - Much of the first moonwalk was received through the big Parkes dish.
Honeysuckle Creek Antenna - Now at the Tidbinbilla tracking station, this dish received Armstrong's first steps for transmission to the world.
7.5 Million Pounds of Thrust - The muscle of Apollo, roaring off the pad in glorious HD.
Lunar Liftoff - The Lunar Rover camera brought the opportunity to watch travellers depart the lunar surface.
Trans Lunar Injection - Spectacular HD CGI brings visualisations of undocumented mission segments to life.

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Excellent piece of historical videography
Dave W (Colorado) 2/24/2014 10:29 AM
The real strength of Spacecraft Films is the compilation of a comprehensive, unfiltered source for TV and onboard film from the early days of NASA. After purchasing and viewing the excellent Apollo 17 set, this was my second purchase, because I wanted to understand the evolution of TV from the moon as it progressed through the Apollo program from the blurry/grainy images of Apollo 11 to the wonders of the Taurus-Littrow Valley on Apollo 17. This video is an original Spacecraft Films production, and it does not disappoint. Right from the start, I came to understand the immense obstacles involved in transmitting TV from space and later from the moon. The producers did an excellent job illustrating these obstacles, and taking the viewer around the world to all of the different relay stations required to receive broadcasts from the moon. Many of the key personnel involved were rounded up and interviewed; I especially enjoyed Alan Bean's lamentation over the "omit upsun" problem from Apollo 12, and author Andy Chaikin's excitement as he retold his boyhood days of following these broadcasts (I was just as excited as Chaikin when I first saw the close-up of Apollo 17's Gene Cernan dusting off the TV lens with his gold visor raised). And after decades of watching Armstrong's first steps from the TV source, this video showed those same steps from the LM's Data Acquisition Camera, which is much clearer. The shots of Hadley Rille and the Apennine Mountains from Apollo 15 are breathtaking; my wife and I both said “Wow!” out loud when seeing those shots from the rover camera. This wonderful film is worth every penny, especially on Bluray. It makes for an excellent companion to ScyFy's "Moon Machines" DVD set. Nice job Mark Gray and those at Spacecraft Films! I look forward to more original productions, and especially more Bluray releases.
bd disc review
gordon frost (dursley, glos) 1/16/2011 8:29 AM
as with all mark's products they take some time to be released but when they do you can see the effort that has been put into them someone that has real interest in the subject this shows yet another facet of america's space program and the people involved and the time and effort to get to the moon the disc it self shows part of the program almost overlooked and yet taken for granted this is one of his best projects to date and is cementing his place as the number one source for anyone with an interest in nasa and their programs definately a disc to watch and for me the lunar rover tv view on 17 of the descent stage of the lem is one of the most poignant views and almost ask's the question what next as i've said before yet another quality product from mark 10 out of 10 and their maybe more blu ray to come
worth the wait
Jason Meek (Chandler, AZ) 11/9/2010 8:14 PM
How the Apollo missions were televised is often an overlooked and under appreciated part of history. This documentary shows the hard work of thousands of people around the world working together to make sure we could see man do the impossible. All of the peope interviewed tell a very candid story of how this was all possible. This is a great addition to my Spacecraft films library. The blu-ray version has a super sharp picture. Really great if you have an HDTV. I wish the documentary had been longer, but it could be 12 hours and I would wish it was longer. Highly recommended!
Review of Live From the Moon - BD
Tracy Kornfeld (Ridgefield, CT) 10/31/2010 5:28 AM
I was one of Mark's original customers when the 3 disc Apollo 14 set came out many years ago. I have watched his talent evolve and a small time niche business become a success. Live from the Moon is Mark's masterpiece. I have a background in film and documentary film work. Whereas most of the other works are mostly public knowledge, this was 100% original. Hearing from the early days of live TV from Apollo 7 and Walt Cunningham's observations, to how the lunar cameras were a second thought - and not knowing if they were going on board or not is truly a fascinating story. Today, we EXPECT TV from the ISS and cameras mounted on the launch vehicles give us new insight into procedures and problems. My hat is off to Mark and Spacecraft Films - and all of those who made the Apollo TV system work - for a job well done. Those are many of the unsung heros of the space program, too. The people who manned the dishes and pulled it all together. We take it for granted today - but I can never get enough. And to think, today I watch it while I'm working while on the internet. No more b/w tv's in the family room at home or what was wheeled into the classroom at school. This is TRUE history - and Mark and crew pulled it off without a hitch. Special kudo's to Alan Bean, too, for giving us his insight into the TV problems from Apollo 12. Thanks, Mark, for an incredible production. Tracy Kornfeld Ridgefield, CT
Outstanding job
Jim Schultze (Omaha, NE) 10/11/2010 8:16 AM
It may have taken quite a while, but what was delivered is superb from all aspects. As the title suggests, this documentary focuses on the aspect of the equipment, techniques and challenges (both technically and politically) of TV production in regard to the Apollo program. Every facet of this production is outstanding: image clarity, interviews with key players, sequencing and depth of content, narration, even the background music. Highly recommended!